Sunday School Superintendent

“The Sunday school superintendent. And that’s what his business is. He’s not supposed to have anything to do with the deacons, trustees, pastors, or nobody else, he’s got a office of his own. Whoever your Sunday school teacher is, I know not. But that Sunday school teacher is supposed to see that every class is in its place, and every teacher is present, or substitute another teacher for that teacher if they’re not there on that day. Then just before the Sunday… While the–the lessons are going on, the Sunday school superintendent is to go by and take up the offerings that they’ve had in there (their Sunday school collections), and the report of how many present, how many Bibles they had in this class, and so forth, and make a report of it. And then stand before the audience just before the preaching service, when he’s give the spot to do it, when they have the Sunday school report after the Sunday school is over, tell how many teachers, how many present, how many of the whole Sunday school total, the whole–whole total of offerings, and so forth like that. Deacons, trustees, pastors, are not supposed to do that. They have nothing to do into it, that is the Sunday school superintendent’s job.   And then if he sees that the Sunday school needs certain things, then he is to present that to the–to the trustee board, and the trustees has a meeting upon it, first. And then the trustees, if they find that there is sufficient funds and so forth, through the treasurer, then this can be purchased; if he wants something another for literature, or whatever it is, or some Bibles or something, they want to buy a Bible for the one, you know, that can find the most words and quote the most Scriptures, some prize or something they’re going to give away like that, present, and they want to buy it through the church. Then let that be presented to the–to the–to the–the deacons… and then let them find out if it’s–if it’s–if it’s in the treasury. See?

Excerpts from Brother Branham


Sunday School Teachers

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