3-3 Now, maybe you didn’t get your handkerchief in here. If we can help you in any way, send you a little cloth… Now, there’ll be a little form; we got a prayer list that goes around the world. People get up at all hours through the night and keep this prayer list. Ever… On the Eastern Standard time, we pray at nine o’clock at morning, at twelve o’clock and at three o’clock. That’s the sacrifice hours of the old Jewish Testament. And we pray that, and people around the world gets up at different times in a great prayer chain that we all pray together, one for the other. So I’m sure God will hear prayer. Such marvelous things come in that He has done. And we want to put you on our prayer list to pray with us at those hours.—Rev William Marrion Branham

I am starting a worldwide prayer chain for some precious people in our church with serious health issues. I want all who will sacrifice a few minutes at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm, Eastern Standard Time, to say a prayer together and let’s see what God will do for them. We need someone to touch God. I know a lot of you all have loved ones that need miracles as well, so I am creating a page here to add names to the list. Please limit these names to serious cases and terminal illnesses that need immediate attention. We know a lot of people need healings and a touch from the Lord, but this is more designed for the more serious needs among the people we love and care about. Let’s all band together in unity and see what God will do. Prayer cloths and handkerchiefs will be available as well for those interested in getting one, free of charge of course. There’s power in unity!! God bless you all
Pastor-Rev Daniel Gissendaner

(Please Note: Prayer requests submitted are only uploaded once a day)

Prayer List

Bro Daniel Gissendaner-Given full release by doctor after back surgery—HEALED

Bro Sam Patton-Blood loss due to anemia & hemhorroidal bleeding—HEALED

Bro Youcef Nadarkhani-FREED from Iranian prison

Bro Mike Pierce-Had a stroke led to swelling and almost blind from diabetes

Sis Lucille Bouse-Heart trouble

Bro Frank Ameri-Salvation & cancer

Sis Rosette Kahindo-Epilepsy

Sis Pat Burcelis-Malignant Melanoma

Sis Christine Dix-Needs deliverance

Bro Tyler Moore-9 year old boy with fluid on his spine causing his brain to swell putting him in alot of pain

Sis Ann Bethune-Diabetes

Bro David & Sis Andrea Massengale-Their son John David has been diagnosed with autism

Sis Kathy Smith-Cancer

Kim Heritage-Seizures

Bro Brian Childers-Wife has affliction which causes her to be sick and dizzy

Morgan Correll-13 year old diagnosed with epilepsy

Bro Arnold Kileo-Diabetes and financial help to finish construction of church

Karen Ezekiel-Salvation

Tony Allen-Melanoma Cancer

Whitney Rogers-Has rheumatoid arthritis and the medicine she has to take will prevent her from having children

Michael Smith-Multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, cirrhosis and salvation for him and his family

Annette Kimbrell-Liver disease and cyst on pancreas

Barbara Sirmans-mother of Bro Brian Anglin

Tom Sturdivant-He has a serious problem with his lungs. He needs physical healing but more importantly spiritual healing.

Tonya Bray-Physical and emotional healing

Jim McGraff-Critical physical need

Deborah Morissette-healing in her lungs

The Carnes Family

The Younce Family

Marlena Strickland-dangerously high blood pressure and other health problems




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