“Love your pastor and respect him; he’s a honorable man, a man of God, truly. But keep your mind on Christ and your affection set on Christ. Just respect him as what he is, as a reverend, because he represents God to you.

“If a minister comes up, your pastor, always respect him. I’ve heard congregations talk about their pastor, how just talk about him, run him down, ridicule him. How is that pastor ever going to do anything for you? He can’t do it. You–you don’t–you don’t re… I don’t say this church, but I mean churches I have seen, that if you… You’ve got to love your pastor. You’ve got to know that he’s a human being, but yet God has made him His pastor. The Holy Ghost has made him overseer; then you’ve got to respect him in that manner. And no matter what the pastor’s done, if you respect him in your heart as God’s servant, God will respect you for doing it

Excerpts from Brother Branham



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