Thank you for your interest in streaming our services! However, we are only making this available for our local congregation. We feel that those who are invalid, sick, elderly or otherwise unable to attend the services on a regular basis need to be able to be a part of their local congregation and services. It is for this reason alone we have provided this service for them. We are also strong advocates of the local church and supporting of the local church with your prayers, your presence, your tithes and offerings.

Please understand our position is not to offend or be rude,
but we feel to provide this service for our local congregation only!

If you are new to the Live Streaming then you must first Register. Create your own Username and Password. Then you must be verified before you can view the Live services. Go to the bottom of this page to Register for Live Streaming.

Remember if you wish to see the services live, please fill out the Register request ahead of time.

You must remember your own Username and Password as we don’t have records of these!

If you do lose yours, click on the “Forgot Password” link below the “Login” button.

Please do not make multiple accounts when signing up!

If you have problems with your browser (Internet Explorer) try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
Feel free to contact us with any technical issues with the service by going to the “TECHNICAL SUPPORT” button and opening a chat dialog with us. This feature is only available during services. Thank you and may the Lord bless you!


E-51 Search the Scriptures, friend, join the church ain’t enough. Now, joining the church is fine. I believe that every person should join the church. I absolutely believe that every person should stand at their post of duty, and–when their pastor’s there preaching or evangelists or something, I think they ought to stand at their post of duty. They ought to support that church with everything they got in them with their tithes, with their offerings, with anything that they’re called on to do. Be willing and happy, if your pastor ask you to do something in your church. You should do it. That’s good. But don’t let that just be the only thing. get inoculated first. That’s what I’m trying to tell you; get the Holy Spirit first, then the rest of it comes on all right. Then you go get into whatever you wish to, whatever church that you–of your choice.


1 And that is, that the first is the placing some deacons into the church. And our little church here is sovereign. It doesn’t have any denomination or anything to send its deacons; it elects its own deacons. It elects its pastor; it elects its trustees; it elects everything that comes in and out of the church. No one person has the say-so over anything; it’s the church. And the church are those who come and support the church with their presence, with their tithe and offerings, are always the ones that has legal say-so in the placing of such.

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